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Amazing benefits of prenatal and postnatal yoga

From improving your physical health to elevating your mental health, pre- and post-natal yoga is a great way to improve your journeys through pregnancy, labor and delivery, and bouncing back after your sweet baby arrives.

Here are some amazing benefits you'll experience when adopting healthy practices, like yoga, into your life.

  1. Support Change - During this time in your life, your body is experiencing an accelerated pace of change and it needs help adjusting and compensating. Pre- and post-natal yoga practice is designed to support the changes that happen in your body during pregnancy and as you recover from the stresses of labor and delivery. There are healthy, safe ways to stretch your muscles and strengthen your body and ease the process of supporting a growing body.

  2. Provide Relief - Lower back pain, nausea, insomnia, headaches, shortness of breath and other ailments are unfortunately common during pregnancy. But, all of these things can be eliminated or diminished from the regular practice of yoga. By stretching and toning muscles, blood circulates throughout the body in a healthy way. And, deep breathing brings much-needed oxygen to your baby and your own muscles. Not only does yoga benefit your physical health, but mindful yoga and mindful breathing can bring relief from prenatal anxiety and postnatal depression. Of course, it's not a guarantee, and you should always consult your doctor if you experience any kind of depression or abnormal anxiety.

  3. Prepare for Labor & Delivery - There's a big difference between prenatal and regular yoga. Prenatal yoga will tone the important muscle groups used during delivery, especially the pelvic floor, hip and abdominal core muscles. Toning and strengthening prepares you for the birthing process and aids in postnatal recovery. And, building and maintaining muscle tone during pregnancy can help minimize aches and pains. The act of taking a yoga class also enhances your awareness of your own body, learn about deep, mindful breathing, and give you power to remain calm under pressure. The ability to trust your body during labor and delivery will help you from sabotaging your own labor and delivery journey from the fear-tension-pain cycle.

  4. Guaranteed Healthier Pregnancy - It's a guarantee-- a healthy mama is more likely to have a healthy baby. Prenatal yoga reduces your risk of preterm labor, increases your ability to have a smooth labor and delivery, elevates your tolerance for pain, and so much more.

  5. Meet Friends - As we get older and our lives change from those of our childhood friends, it gets harder and harder to not only meet women but it becomes especially difficult to cultivate a lasting relationship. Attending prenatal and postnatal yoga classes gives you the opportunity to meet women in the same stage of life as you, with similar priorities and interests. Joining a community with other expecting moms provides a road for you travel down in order to meet new friends.



Our favorite yoga instructor in Colby is Bethanie Cameron of Forever Together Yoga.

Not excited about yoga, but interested in prenatal and postnatal fitness? Contact Megan Jox of Whole ConFITence in Colby.

Or, maybe you'd like to enhance your pregnancy, labor and delivery journey from a different path? Contact the "Doulas of NWKS:" Elisa Horinek, Lori Denny & Nichole Dempewolf.

Or, visit the "7 Cups of Tea" site from High Plains Mental Health Center. It has over 30 tools available to help with mental health, including a tool to help with Perinatal Mood Disorder and helping you with your journey of being a growing mother. New members must enter the Pass Code "highplains."

Meet new friends and learn about more local resources by joining us at our monthly Nesting Socials. Visit our Nesting Facebook page often to stay up to date on our next social.

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