The Embe Transtition 2-Way Swaddle features a unique legs-out or legs-in design, which lets you decide on legs-in warmth or legs-out cooling for your little one.


The no-breakout design means even a very strong baby will stay swaddled securely.


  • 1 size fits 3-6 months (12-18lbs)
  • Made of lightweight, breathable cotton
  • Can be worn over regular sleepwear
  • Helps reduce the risk of overheating
  • "No-breakout" zipper closure
  • Gives you easy diaper access without unswaddling
  • Structured neckline keeps fabric from coming up and over the face
  • Heart-shaped pouch helps promote proper hip development
  • Strong yet quiet fasteners won't startle baby
  • 100% cotton
  • Machine wash

2nd Step Legs In/Out Transitional Swaddle by embe