Tell those flakes to shoo with the Flake Fixer Scalp Mask. Gently massage this aloe-infused mask into baby's dry, flaky scalp at the beginning of their bath, continue washing your baby and rinse out at the end of tub time. During the bath, this Scalp Mask works to soften flakes on baby's scalp while cleaning the skin to help prevent more.

FridaBaby Flake Fixer Scalp Mask

SKU: 810028770881
    • FLAKE OFF: Softens flakes while cleaning baby's scalp
    • BATH-WORTHY: Works its magic during bath time
    • SAFE: Hypoallergenic, tear-free + dermatologist-tested
    • SKIN-SOOTHING: Infused with soothing aloe + calendula extract
    • 5 FL OZ OF GOOD STUFF ONLY - Made without phthalates, parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, dyes, or formaldehyde