This universal sippy top fits perfectly on our 8oz Silicone Kids Cup. Made from 100% European-grade silicone, this sippy cup lid also stretches over a WIDE variety of cups and glasses. When the silicone lid is stretched over a cup, the suction keeps the lid in place making your new sippy cup spill resistant. The flexible silicone spout is soft and gentle on teeth and gums. So rather you are out at a restaurant or enjoying a day at the beach – don’t forget your universal lid. It will meet your needs, no matter where your day takes you.


At GoSili, we are a lover of all things sustainable and environmentally friendly, like silicone. Silicone is safe for you and your family and does not contain harsh chemicals that can leach toxic materials into your drink. Our silicone products are safe, nontoxic, and sustainable, so you can feel extra good about giving them to every member of your family. On behalf of our planet, thank you for making the choice to waste less, and go sili.

GoSili 8oz Universal Sippy Cup

    • Boil it, drop it, sip it - this sippy cup can take it. The GoSili sippy cup is made from the highest grade nontoxic silicone on the market and is embedded with a stainless steel ring to keep it from collapsing from tiny hands. With no valves and an airtight seal, it's easy to clean, spillproof, and perfect for toddlers.
    • European-grade silicone with embedded stainless steel ring.
    • BPA, BPS, phthalate, PVC, and lead free. 8 oz cup.
    • Safe to boil and sterilize.
    • Dishwasher and microwave safe.





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