Infiniti Essential Oil Diffuser


With a sleek modern form and powerful ultrasonic ionic technology the Infiniti has the capacity to mist powerful essential oils for the long haul. The uncomplicated interface and practical function of this diffuser will make this the hardest-working part of your team. The Infiniti makes it possible to get health benefits from your favorite essential oils 24/7.  Allow the combined effects of the oils and the lit diffuser help you destress and have your worry-free moment.


About This Product


  • Capacity: 400ml
  • Run time: up to 12 hours continuous/24 intermittent hours
  • Operating Modes: Continuous/ Intermittent/ Off
  • Light Modes: Color Rotating/ Fixed/ Off
  • Color change: blue, green, purple, red
  • Coverage: up to 1,000sq ft
  • Timer: Continuous, 1, 2 and 3 hours
  • GreenAir has a one year guarantee on their diffusers.


1. Take off the cover and the water tank cover. Using your own cup, fill the base with Luke warm (not cold) tap water. DO NOT OVERFILL. Do not use distilled or purified/filtered water.

2. If desired, add about 5 or 6 drops of essential oils directly into the water.

3. Replace the water tank cover and the vase.

4. Plug the power cord into the back of the diffuser. Next, plug the unit into the wall outlet. Then turn the unit on.

Infiniti Essential Oil Diffuser

SKU: GA1940

  • - Only use clean water at room temperature to fill the water tank.

    - Rinse the water tank and wipe it dry with a clean cloth every time you use a different type of essential oil.

    - Use a damp cloth to clean the exterior of the unit. Use a cotton swab or cloth to clean the water tank.

  • Why Should You Diffuse?

    Essential Oils have been shown to have a variety of effects throughout our lives. Diffusing Essential Oils gives you a way to deliver those oils into your system. Whether it’s increasing focus, decreasing stress, or simple relaxation – using the Eterniti to deliver those benefits can provide a whole room experience or allow you to direct the vapor closer to an individual.


    Essential oils are often used in massage, diffused in the air by a nebulizer, heated over a candle flame, or burned as incense.



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