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Motherlove More Milk Liquid

Which lactation supplement is right for you?


Size - 2 ounces


Motherlove's herbal lactation formula designed to support breast milk supply. It does not contain fenugreek for thoes who may be sensitive to its potential side effect of gastric upset.


NOT for use during pregnancy.


With Motherlove, you can depend on consistent quality products crafted only with the purest ingredients and certified organic herbs. Each of Motherlove's formulas are time proven and backed with integrity and an intimate knowledge of herbal remedies.


The USDA's national organic program does not permit the use of ingredients made with GMOs in certfiedied organic products.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

More Milk Liquid

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  • Discover the bond between motherhood and mother earth with herbal care products for pregnancy, birth, baby and breastfeeding-- formulated to nurture both body and soul.


    Provide your child with the healthiest nourishment. Motherlove products are organic and pure, made with certified organic herbs, and are free of synthetic and artificial ingredients. You can trust Motherlove's organic certification when looking for non-GMO porducts for you and your baby. It's all part of Motherlove's long-standing tradition of creating only the finest, highest quality and purest products to support your parenting journey. They are also recommended by healthcare professionals and mothers worldwide.


    BREASTFEEDING | Motherlove products are traditionally and effectively used worldwide to support lactation.


    PREGNANCY | Natural, safe body care is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, and an essential aspect of pregnancy. Motherlove products are formulated to maximize the nurturing and soothing qualities of certified organic herbs and ingredients.


    BIRTH AND BABY | The birth of a child is a time of discovery and natural bonding. Motherlove products are made to provide both you and your baby with healing and nurturing care, while remaining gentle on delicate skin.


    Motherlove is a story of a family business that started in a Colorado Rockies meadow and grew into an international leader.

    Seeding Motherlove
    Kathryn Higgins, Motherlove’s founder, grew up in a Mayo medical family from Rochester, Minnesota, who were avid gardeners in love with flowers and plants. After moving to the Rocky Mountains, she became passionate about the uses of plants in the meadows and forests surrounding her mountain home in Northern Colorado’s Rist Canyon. She began incorporating the wild plants into her daily life for food and medicine and teaching others. Not able to find herbal products to support her pregnancy and birthing experiences, she began making her own—and sharing them with other women. These creations in the early 1980s became the seeds for Motherlove products.

    Motherlove Emerges
    In 1987, local markets began asking for her products and Motherlove was born. She wrote “Made with Love” on the handmade labels and sent them off with the UPS driver on his weekly drive up the canyon. Motherlove moved out of Kathryn’s kitchen in 1995 to meet the growing demand from hospitals and retailers. Over the last decade, as the company grew internationally, she expanded the Motherlove family to include her daughters, Silencia and Jasmin Cox. The seeds were now sown to pass the family herbal traditions to future generations of Motherlove customers.

    Motherlove Reseeds
    In addition to being Motherlove’s visionary, Kathryn teaches classes, writes articles for nationally recognized publications and serves as a guest speaker for breastfeeding organizations and hospitals. In 2012 Motherlove made a commitment to care for its own section of the earth when it acquired a 120-acre farm on Colorado’s Front Range, where they continue their legacy of growing organic herbs and educating the community on their uses.

    Motherlove Blossoms
    Today Motherlove’s products are sold in hospitals, pharmacies, natural food stores, and specialty retailers in more than 40 countries. Even though you’ll see our familiar blue bottles on the shelves of the nation’s biggest retailers, their family still makes it products the old fashioned way, with love, from their family to your family.

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