oogibear- a better ay to clean your baby. It's the better booger tool

  • safe
  • effectibe
  • perfect for little ears
  • doctor designed
  • mom tested


Do you oogie?


Cleaning a baby's nose can be a challenge. Aspirator bulbs are ok for wet mucus, but they're just not effective on... (okay, we'll say it) boogers! In fact, bulbs can actually push boogers further into the nose, making them even harder to reach.


oogibear to the rescue!


oogiebear has a loop end that's great for sticky, rubbery boogers and a scoop end for safely removing the dried ones. oogibear is perfect for little ears, too! It's made of soft, grippy rubber that's easy to hold. The bear head design isn't just cute, it prevents the oogibear from going too far into baby's nose and ears. Your baby will breathe easier and so will you. 


SKU: OB001
  • For parents of young children, oogiebear is the first booger removal tool that safely and gently removes both sticky and dried boogers from a child’s nostrils.


    Created by mother and Registered Pharmacist, Dr. Nina Farzin, oogiebear was developed with comfort in mind, offering two unique ends to remove boogers effectively to help children breathe easier and soothe them at a time of incredible discomfort.