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  • HIGH QUALITY REALISTIC ELECTRIC TOY DRILL SET - This Toy Drill is battery powered and works like a real drill. The play tools will have your little one pretending to be like mommy or daddy or their favorite fictional handyman.
  • PRETEND PLAY FUN - Dressing up in our customized child-friendly vest, helmet and goggles, your kids will spend hours of fun as the role of construction worker or handyman. 
  • STEM / STEAM EDUCATIONAL TOYS - Designed to activate the imagination and boost the self esteem of your child and toddler, this toolkit comes complete with 20 realistic pieces to keep your child  busy for hours at a time,  can feel important and pretend to help you around the house.
  • COMPLETE TOOLS SET OUT OF THE BOX - Tjis set includes a handyman vest, a battery powered electric toy drill, a toy saw, toy pliars, toy hammer, toy screwdriver (with flathead and phillips), measuring tape, a toy safety helmet, screws, pieces of play wood and safety goggles.

Toy Drill Set | Battery Powered

SKU: x002xq6ec3
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