Travel Tray


With distracted driving fatalities on the rise, you need more control and less chaos in the car. Travel Trays help control in-car shenanigans while keeping snacks at hand.


At Nesting, we think Travel Trays are one of those things you look at and wonder how has this not been in every car seat and stroller since the beginning of time?! The all-in-one cup and snack holder fits quickly and easily into cup holders on a standard car seat, car console, stroller and even our beach chairs. We love being able to set little ones up with a snack and water bottle before we get moving and know they won’t be screaming over a drop or a spill 10 seconds later. No more cup holders filled with mystery snack remnants or unidentified liquids! It easily pops out and is top-shelf dishwasher safe for when a baby wipes won’t do the job.


About This Product

  •  100% Food Grade Safe
  •  BPA-free, PHT-free and PVC-free
  •  Top rack dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup
  •  Light, compact, and sturdy
  •  Stabilized cup holder helps prevent spills
  •  Accommodates a variety of drink sizes

Travel Tray