• SAFE WOODEN PUZZLE FOR TODDLER: Designed with the toddler in mind, this wooden puzzles toy is made of high-quality natural wood , which is smooth, rounded, and no splintery edges and finished with bright color non-toxic paint. It's very easy and safe for your little one to touch and grasp pieces with smooth edge. Best gift for toddler boys and girls.
  • 8 DIFFERENT SHAPE WITH BRIGHT COLORS: This wooden puzzle comes with 8 different shapes with bright colors, including rocket, elephant, panda, owl,cockchafer, truck,car and ferry. Every puzzle is so bright that it is very easy to attract the attention of your little one and very great for cognitive learning.
  • DURABLE AND LARGE PART: Made of solid wood, this wooden puzzle is so durable that your little one can enjoy it for a long time. Each part of this wooden puzzles is in a right size for tiny fingers to grasp and big enough to avoid swallowing the puzzles.
  • GREAT EDUCATIONAL TOY FOR TODDLER At TOY Life: we are dedicated to developing educational toys that will help support your child in all areas of development. This wooden animal puzzle is great for cognitive learning. It can help with many skills including eye-hand coordination, early math skills, problem solving. Besides, you can practice your little one about colors shapes and animal body parts.

Wooden Puzzle 8 Pack | Animals

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