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This patent-pending flippable panels burp rag delivers 3X the space of a traditional burp rag. No more extra burp rags during feedings or having to stuff your diaper bag to the brim to be prepared for the spit up fairy.


Flipping to a new panel traps the mess while creating a new and clean cuddle surface for baby. With this design messes won't soak through. Yep, save your shirt... your hair... and your precious baby's face. 


A soft cotton blend material provides a gentle surface for your baby's head while being absorbent enough to soak up messes. Burp Buddy absorbs but will not stink. 


Burp Buddy is the perfect size to cover your chest and shoulder while providing a soft and gentle place for your baby to rest. Not too big, and not too small, Burp Buddy gets it right.

Burp Buddy | 3 Burp Rags in 1

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