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This daily fish oil supplement delivers sustainably sourced fish oil in one easy-to-swallow soft gel for healthy immune function and brain health.


Smart brain health for your lifestage

  • 257 mg of potent DHA, 640 mg of EPA, and 964 mg of purified Omega-3 from anchovies.
  • The beneficial fatty acids DHA and EPA are linked to healthy memory, brain function, and cellular health.
  • Many people do not get enough omega-3 from diet alone. In order to feel your best each day, increasing your intake of omega-3 EPA+DHA is important.




  • Convenient once-daily formula is easy to remember
  • Fish oil from sustainably sourced, wild-caught anchovies from the coast of Iceland
  • One easy-to-swallow softgel per serving


Exceptional nutrients, no exceptions

One of the essential roles of EPA and DHA is healthy immune function. They are needed so our immune systems operate properly. But, our bodies don’t make enough of these nutrients, so you have to supplement with a high-quality source.

Clever Bird Omega-3 | 60 Count

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