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Liquid vitamin D3 drops that provide 2000 IU per drop for the whole family.


For every stage of childhood and parenthood 

  • This sunshine-in-a-bottle supplement helps restore and maintain vitamin D levels without worrying about sun damage.

  • Boosts mood and immunity—and supports growing minds and bodies.

  • Purified and potent—it contains no vitamin K2, which can interfere with medications. 

  • Perfect for the whole family.




  • One flavorless drop provides 2000 IU of potent vitamin D3

  • Convenient once-daily vegetarian formula

  • Easy-to-dispense dropper bottle with no separate parts

Exceptional nutrients, no exceptions

Made from pure fractionated coconut oil (MCT oil) and vitamin D3, Clever Bird Vitamin D3 Drops help restore and maintain vitamin D levels. Your body requires vitamin D to absorb calcium to build healthy bones. Most people today need more vitamin D.

Clever Bird Vitamin D Drops | 1 fl oz

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