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In today’s world, immune support is the new self-care. 100% Organic Elderberry Immune Tea is packed with precisely blended herbs that support your immune system. Sipping this delicious tart and fruity tea will feel like you’re indulging in “me time,” while making a declaration of love to your immune system.  


When you’re feeling the effects of the season, it’s time to steep a cup of Elderberry Immune Tea. Organic Elderberry Immune Tea is yummy hot or steeped in boiling water, cooled, and served over ice.  It’s also carefully formulated for people who are pregnant or breastfeeding, and any adult or kid with an immune system in need of some TLC.  

Elderberry Tea | Earth Mama Organics

SKU: 857249001745
  • PREGNANCY | Earth Mama's all-natural, herbal pregnancy products combine ancient medicinal plant wisdom with contemporary science-based research to offer safe solutions and comfort through pregnancy nausea, morning sickness, heartburn, hemorrhoids, pregnancy anxiety, stretch marks and more.


    Whether you're looking for a birth gift, baby shower gift or just to comfort yourself, Earth Mama's safe, worry-free products honor pregnancy as a completely natural process.


    POSTPARTUM | Earth Mama's postpartum recovery products are formulated especially for those days (weeks, months) after childbirth when your body and mind need a lot of extra TLC. Safe, worry-free postpartum comfort care products help soothe your spirit, jump start healing and help ease the discomfort of perineal bruising and soreness, episiotomy, hemorrhoids, and Cesarean section. 


    BREASTFEEDING | Earth Mama's natural breastfeeding products are nature's gifts to nursing mamas.


    ANGEL BABY | Earth Mama's products are safe, worry-free, certified organic and perfect for sensitive baby skin. There's no room for toxins, artificial fragrances, artificial preservatives, antibacterial chemicals, phthalates, parabens or harsh sulfates in any of Earth Mama's products.


    SOAP | Made with soothing Calendula, Earth Mama's safe, gentle and effective castile-based body wash baby shampoo is naturally detergent-free and perfect for a newborn's first bath. Mild enough for delicate baby skin and hair, safe and effective for EVERY body! Made without synthetic fragrances, Triclosan, phthalates, parabens or harsh sulfates.


    Natural castile soap is NOT a "no tear" formula, please use with the self-foaming bottle so the wash stays just where you want it and use extra care around baby's eyes.

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