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Sometimes, we just want to take our baby for a short walk in the park or a short trip to the mall. It's a hassle to pack a heavy diaper bag just for a few hours out of the house. Say hello to your EZEE Diaper Mat by KeaBabies.

Made to be slim, lightweight and compact, it's the perfect essential for modern parents. Comes with a detachable strap, so you can choose to hang it on your arm or stroller. It's modern, versatile and functional.  Padded with soft and high-quality foam, the EZEE Diaper at protects your baby against cold and hard diaper changing stations anywhere you go! We made an extra padded pillow just to make sure your baby feels comfortable while diaper changing. We know you are going to love it as much as we do!


Ezee Diaper Mat | Black Geo

SKU: 810019221316
    • STAY HANDS FREE - Whether you are carrying your baby, babywearing, using a stroller or baby car seat, the EZEE Diaper Changing Mat keeps you hands free all day! Simply clip the two metal clasps on one side or over the Diaper Mat. Wear it any way you want it, on your shoulder, around your arm, as a clutch, or strap it around your stroller handle. Simply clip the two metal clasps on one side or over the Diaper Mat to change styles.
    • SLIM & LIGHTWEIGHT - We know that carrying other baby's essentials are heavy enough for you, so we made our EZEE Diaper Mat to be lightweight and slim at only 1.2" thick when closed. Easily fits into any diaper bags without taking up too much space. You may detach the diaper changing pad for use anywhere you go.
    • EASY TO CLEAN - Simply wipe clean after use with water or soap if necessary. Machine washable and machine dry in low heat. Suitable for every busy mom or dad!
    • COMFORT & CONVENIENCE - We made the diaper changing pad to be padded throughout with soft and high-quality padding to give your baby maximum comfort. Comes with a built-in pillow, to allow slight elevation for your baby's head. No details are too small when it comes to constructing our EZEE Diaper Mat, try it to feel it.
    • FOLDABLE LARGE DIAPER MAT - Features a large diaper changing area of 21.7" by 20.9". You will never have to worry about changing your baby in public diaper changing stations.
  • Machine wash in cold and tumble dry low.

    **You can choose to detach the diapering area to launder or wash the entire mat.

    **Wipe clean with wet wipes after use to keep your EZEE Diaper Mat clean for next use.


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