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Skip the chilly teething rings and help baby soothe their sore gums without getting frostbite on their hands. The Not-Too-Cold-To-Hold Teether has a stay-warm handle for baby to hold, with two double-sided, freezable gum massagers made of BPA-free silicone. Each of the four sides is designed with shapes and textures to reach and relieve teething pain, while stimulating gums in the front + back. Sit back and chill while baby chomps away.


CONTENTS: 1 Silicone Handle + 2 double-sided inserts

FridaBaby Not-Too-Cold-To-Hold Teether

SKU: 810028770508
    • NOT-COLD HANDLE: Safe-to-chew silicone handle stays at room temp so baby's hands don't get chilly
    • MULTI-SIDED: Two double-sided inserts with four different shapes offer cooling relief for all new teeth types
    • TEXTURED: Four massaging textures stimulate front and back gums
    • SOOTHES: Different shapes reach every nook + cranny to soothe sore gums
    • SAFE TO CHEW: Made of BPA-free + nontoxic silicone so little ones can chomp freely
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