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The LifeNest Breathable Fitted Sheet is designed to fit your baby's LifeNest 2nd Generation mattress. Its unique mesh design helps provide crucial airflow and breathability, allowing your baby to sleep safely and giving you some peace of mind.


  • The mesh design of the exceptionally soft and comfortable Breathable Fitted Sheet by LifeNest was specifically created for the LifeNest 2nd Generation (SPM004) mattress, and helps provide crucial airflow and breathability
  • This breathable sheet doesn't impede airflow like most sheets do, and allows your baby to breathe freely through the netting if they roll over during sleep
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified in its ability to help reduce the risk of rebreathing, suffocation and overheating
  • This ultra-soft sheet covers a LifeNest 2nd Generation mattress, which provides your baby with a soft surface to reduce pressure on their head and help prevent flat head
  • Created by a pediatric doctor for use in hospitals and homes, to improve both the safety and comfort of your baby
  • Measures 27" W x 33" L
  • Fits mattresses up to 4" deep
  • Machine washable 

Lifenest Fitted Sheet

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