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Milkflow contains natural ingredients, so you can be confident you and your baby are getting the best. Each Milkflow Lactation Supplement Coffee Pods contain a concentrated 10:1 Fenugreek blend, giving you 450mg of Fenugreek, plus Blessed Thistle and 55mg of naturally-occurring caffeine. Milkflow Lactation Supplement Coffee does not contain milk, soy, gluten or GMOs. Pods are manufactured in a facility that processes soy and milk.

Not only are Milkflow’s ingredients plant-based... the pod itself is also plant-based. UpSpring’s Milkflow Lactation Supplement Coffee Pods are BPI certified 100% compostable and made entirely from plants (corn starch and sugars), which means zero plastic and zero BPAs. Better for the environment and better for you and baby!

Milkflow Supplement Coffee Pods | 12PK

SKU: 859188006829
    • Helps promote healthy breast milk supply*
    • Delivers 450 mg of Fenugreek in each serving
    • Coffee pod is 100% compostable, 100% plant-based, and BPA-free - Better for Mama Earth!
    • Compatible with most Keurig© K-Cup style coffee brewers
    • Delightfully smooth flavor with 55mg of naturally-occurring caffeine per serving
    • Naturally-sourced ingredients, gluten-free, and non-GMO
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