• Recommended by pediatricians and lactation consultants
  • Non-invasive test strip
  • Easy-to-read results in just two minutes
  • No more guessing if your breast milk is safe for your baby!




    UpSpring's Milkscreen home test detects alcohol in breast milk.


    Milkscreen allows moms to enjoy the occasional or celebratory drink without the worry of passing alcohol on to baby.


    To use the test, simply saturate test pad with milk and then read results 2 minutes.


    Fast, accurate results to tell mom when best to breastfeed after consuming alcohol. T


    rusted by millions of moms for over 10 years. Pediatrician and lactation consultant recommended. 




    Tests For: Alcohol


    Package Quantity: 5


    Results Timing: 2 Minutes


    Test Substance: Breastmilk


    Results Indication: Color Indicator Strip


    Battery: No Battery Used

    MilkScreen for Breastfeeding

    SKU: US286