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Strap on your helmet and fill your toy storage bag with supplies for your journey throughout the galaxy. Grasp the planets and connect with the shining stars. This durable storage bag is a fantastic way to carry out your favorite toys and craft supplies. Increase their happiness with this toy storage bag and playmat. This two in one storage bag that doubles as a play mat, storage is simple. Store all their favorite toys, doll, cars, balls and blocks using the storage bag function and take the mat with you wherever you go. Allow their happiness to be shared with loved ones in every adventure. Whether you are looking to play dress up, explore the surfaces of the moon or gather all your toy cars together the bag is generously sized to make playtime both practical and fun. Whether you want to tidy up or bring everything to another room or outside in the garden the bag can be easily fastened with adjustable drawstring straps which can be looped around your child’s shoulders as a backpack or carried in their hands. This excellent storage solution makes it easier to maximise space and encourages organisation early on.

Mini Storage Bag | Space

SKU: 5425038799910
    • diameter 1.3 feet
    • 70% cotton - 30% polyester
    • one side printed (inside ecru cotton color)
    • Can approx. carry 20lb
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