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A one-of-a-kind journal for families to discover, explore, and celebrate their faith together.  This sweet and uplifting shared prayer journal for kids and adults will help you count your blessings, record your hopes, and grow closer to God—and each other! God never meant for us to grow alone. So let’s walk in faith. Together. Let’s share our greatest hopes, our favorite prayers, and the countless blessings we’ve been given. And while we’re writing, drawing, and recording our journey, we’ll strengthen our relationship with God—and each other. Let’s celebrate the story of God’s love in our lives. Full of Christian activities for kids (and grown-ups!), thoughtful questions, creative prompts, and inspiring coloring pages, Our Prayer Journal gives you and your child the opportunity to: · Answer and discuss thought-provoking questions:

Our Prayer Journal

SKU: 9781728223735
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