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Compact and light, this rechargeable portable baby bottle warmer is perfect not just for outings but as a home warmer, replacing the need to have multiple warmers. Simply screw in your bottle (fits most major brands) and the warmer will quickly and safely heat the bottle evenly and fast. In fact, it’s the fastest portable warmer on the market, up to 50% faster than other brands.

Portable Anywhere Bottle Warmer

SKU: 793888115217
    • Fits most major brands 
    • Simply press the power button to warm to a safe temperature in minutes. (Example: warms a 4oz room temperature bottle to 98 degrees fahrenheit  in 5.5 minutes).
    • Select from 102, 107, 113 degrees fahrenheit.
    • Once it reaches the correct temperature, it will regulate and hold the temperature.
    • Can connect to main power source to use as a home warmer and conserve the battery.
    • Can be used while plugged in to provide parents with a bottle that is ready any time of day or night. (3A/5V power adaptor required)
    • Large 3 x 2000mAh battery capacity is can warm up to 6 bottles in one charge.
    • Even if the battery runs out you can simply connect the warmer to a usb powerbank.
    • Heats evenly and safely ensuring no hot spots.
    • Light and compact, fits snugly into the pocket of your diaper bag.
    • Warms the bottle up then keeps its warm.
    • Great for home use, flights, car trips and outings.
    • Product size: 3x3x3.7 inches
    • Product weight: 0.5 pounds
    • Battery size: 3x2000mAh
    • Rated power 28W
    • Voltage: 12V
    • Certifications: Conforms to AU/NZS standards. Registered on the Australian EESS database.
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