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Postnatal Probiotic - Strong as a Mother was formulated with 7 probiotic strains, to support a healthy digestive system. Plus, it includes a proprietary lactation blend with fenugreek seed, milk thistle seed, fennel seed, and oat milk extract to support your breastfeeding journey. With added Vitamin B to support energy levels, so you can feel your best from the inside out!

FEEL GOOD & STAY WELL: Probiotics help make short-chain fatty acids, which help to encourage overall health and support immune function. Probiotics help support glucose levels already within a normal range, offer postpartum support for mental and emotional function, and help to support your weight management efforts. With this Postnatal Probiotic, you can focus more on enjoying your new baby while feeling good from the inside out.

Postnatal Probiotic - Strong as a Mother

SKU: 864377000168
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