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The Primo Passi Portable Double Electric Breast Pump Special Edition is ultra-comfortable and convenient. This Breast Pump features an innovative, out of the box design with a closed system that prevents milk back up into tubing or device, ensuring proper hygiene, free of moisture and bacteria.


With controls that are easy to use, you can chose stimulation or suction level to make this a more comfortable experience.  It features new buttons to make it even easier to use. Its new sealing system that doesn't require sealing rings ensures a leaking proof design, so moms can take it anywhere.

The device turns automatically into stimulation mode when is on, then raises a suction level on its own every 45 seconds until it reaches level 5. Then it will turn itself into suction mode. You can also adjust this manually to decide what is better for you.


Primo Passi Portable Double Electric Pump | Special Edition

SKU: 850000125506
  • Innovative roll-on Joystick design
    Includes two baby bottles
    Prevents milk spillage
    Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
    Silicone hook for easy single-handling use
    LCD display

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