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Roshambo Junior Shades

Fits 2 - 12 years and are prescription friendly!


    The ultra durable, virtually unbreakable, flexible and light material is specially designed with baby in mind. They are over 25% lighter than competitors and they even float.


    Roshambo shades block 100% of UVA, UVB and UVC rays and are made in Italy. The flexible but durable and soft material is bpa-free and specially designed for baby's use and abuse. Roshambo even molds their logo into the design to avoid unnecessary paint. 


    Roshambo dares you to break them... (but Nesting would rather you just wear them). They are DURABLE. BENDABLE. FLEXIBLE. CHEWABLE.


    Complete the set:

    Junior (4-12) Shades - Roshambo

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