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Transitioning to solids is a big and sometimes daunting step in a baby’s development.

This Fresh Food Feeder was developed so that you can feel reassured and confident that baby is happily experiencing different flavours and textures safely.

Made from the highest quality food grade stain resistant silicone and incorporating an anti-microbial coating that reduces microbes on the surface, this feeder is safer and more hygienic than other models.

Simply place vegetables, fruit and even meats into the pure silicone pouch of Cherub Baby’s Fresh Food Feeder and seal tight. When your little one has finished you can simply pop all the parts in the dishwasher to re-emerge brand new and sparkling clean.

Baby will love the independence as they can easily hold the flexible ergonomic handle of the feeder and chew and suck on the net. They get to control the process, encouraging hand eye coordination and fine motor skills, all while developing the palate, reducing the chance of a fussy eater later down the track!

The tamper resistant net seal prevents baby’s wandering hands and also comes complete with a safety hygiene cover for portable use. Simply fill with food in the morning, pop in your bag and head out with baby – snack ready to go!

The Koala teethers right ear also doubles as a gel applicator and pre-training tooth brush.

Silicone Fresh Food Feeder & Teether - Lemon/Grey

SKU: 793888116115
    • LFGB pure silicone exceeding European US and Australian food grade standards
    • BPA Free, PVC, phthalate free, non toxic and environmentally friendly
    • Non toxic anti-microbial coating reduces microbes on the surface of the product making it more hygienic and cleaner than regular feeders.
    • Ultra soft silicone food pouch incorporates small holes that safely transfer digestible food pieces, preventing choking.
    • Encourages self feeding, building independence and confidence as well as hand eye co-ordination.
    • Bright colours stimulate sensory development.
    • Ergonomic design helps baby develop fine motor skills.
    • Lightweight and easy for little hands to hold.
    • Flexible and gentle on little mouths.
    • Doubles as a gel applicator and pre-training toothbrush.
    • Self standing design.
    • Dishwasher, freezer and steriliser safe.
    • Suitable for 4 months +.
  • Wash product before and after each use. Do not use any bleach-based cleaners or tablets to sterilise or clean this product. To sterilise, use a steam steriliser or boil in water for 2-3 minutes.

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