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The vagina is the most bacteria rich environment in a woman's body. Ironically, the bacteria keeps the vagina healthy! When the balance of bacteria is healthy, it produces an acidic environment preventing yeast infections, BV, and other itchy, burning harmful conditions. But when that delicate balance of good and bad bacteria gets out of whack things can go terribly wrong. The acidity of the vagina increases rapidly, resulting in a bloom of yeast and bacteria.


Be proactive when it comes to urinary health and vaginal health.  This proprietary blend contains Lactobacillus strains that work to produce lactic acid, lowering the pH of the vagina to make it acidic and therefore inhospitable to harmful pathogens. Probiotics can also help streamline a woman’s digestive function, immune response, and yeast levels.  Each capsule contains probiotics along with clinically proven Pacran for fast, long lasting urinary tract support.

Yeast + Vaginal PH Support Probiotic

SKU: 864377000199
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