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The gently weighted Zen Sack helps your baby sleep through every sleep phase. Designed to help babies self-soothe and fall asleep independently, the Zen Sack eases the transition from swaddle to sack, and prevents sleep regressions and disruptions: An essential for sleep training.

Zen Sack by Nested Bean

  • ▪ Two-way zipper makes diaper changes a breeze

    ▪ Zipper covers, cuddly seams and soft tags protect your baby’s skin

    ▪ Can be worn backwards by tummy sleepers who can roll independently

    ▪ Exceeds safety standards by 8x + Pulmonologist approved

    ▪ Exceeds all AAP Guidelines

    Sizes from 0 to 24 months

    The Zen Sack features a self-contained Cuddle Pad™, which weighs just 30 grams (Small size) 60 grams (Medium size) and 90 grams (Large size and distributed across the chest). Our products adhere to American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) physiotherapy standards and Guidelines for Safe Sleep, which recommends a weight-to-body ratio of 1:10. Our product is safely weighted in key areas as opposed to all-weighted sleepwear or weighted blankets, which the AAP has deemed unsafe for infants.


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