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Let's talk about diaper bag backpacks

With all the baby essentials you could possibly need for even the shortest excursions out of the house, it can get SO overwhelming packing a diaper bag! As a well-prepared mama, you want to be sure you have everything your baby may need. And, let's be honest -- you don't want to be caught without something important in front of all the other savvy moms!


But, you also don't want to carry around 20 pounds of extra stuff all day long. Right?

Not only is it important to pack smart, but you also need to find the perfect diaper bag for your unique lifestyle. That first step is crucial.

At Nesting, we've discovered that a diaper bag backpack may be the perfect solution for you. Firstly, they come in tons of styles and sizes, from simple sophistication to the epitome of cute! Free your mind and your hands with a backpack, friend. You'll thank us later for this life-saving parent hack.

Right now, we have four styles of backpacks in stock. From smallest to largest, they are:

Quite honestly, this is our favorite bag for petite mamas and moms who like to pack light. The shoulder straps can be cinched up super tight for short torsos -- which I personally vouch for, being a 5' 1" shorty. It has 8 convenient pockets and a matching leather changing pad to keep you light on your feet while on the go. It also features high-quality zippers and hardware and has Itzy Ritzy's signature rubber feet on the bottom

We've got it in four GORGEOUS colors.

This was one of the first diaper bags we started with when Nesting opened almost four years ago. It's been tested and loved by many of our customers -- and for so many reasons! Additionally, I couldn't resist taking one home and I constantly get comments on it! It's been with our family of four all over the country, on countless vacations, to summer T-ball and the park, and its STILL in impeccable condition!

This backpack can also be handheld or used as a shoulder or cross body bag. It features a changing mat, insulated bottle holder, integrated stroller straps, six pockets and an AWESOME easy-access wipes pocket!

Right now, we've got it in three colors. Plus, the black canvas one is a local favorite for dads!

A crowd favorite for the organization Queen! This bag is hands-down our best seller. If you wanna mom boss, get your hands on this bag stat. It has a roomy interior and a zipper that goes alllllll the way to the bottom! There's no dungeon of doom at the bottom of this bag since you'll be able to see absolutely EVERYTHING inside. It's incredible! Additionally, this bag features two insulated pockets plus 12 other pockets which makes it easy to find what you are looking for. Plus, we can't get over how cushy the straps are! They are so comfortable!

We can go on and on about this bag forever. And, we know you'll love it to. No bad reports on it yet! Check it out now. We have it in three colors right now -- and one of them is a specialty store exclusive!

All bags are NOT created equally. This short list from Nesting is filled 100% with high quality, long lasting awesomeness. But, if you wanna level up in the mom world -- then look no further than the Triple Threat. The fact that you can wear this bag as a backpack, satchel or messenger bag might just be our favorite feature, although it's really hard to choose! it features 13 strategically placed pockets including two insulated pockets, Of course, it also has the must-have stroller straps, whimsical diaper changing pad and rubber feat that are iconic to Itzy Ritzy diaper bags.

This bag is the ultimate blend of form and function. Get it in two colors now!

Whether you are a "just in case" momma or one that thrives on "less is best," we've got the perfect backpack solution for you! But, don't stop there. We've also got some incredible cross body, messenger tote, and shoulder bags in stock, too! And, of course don't forget the accessories:

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