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4 Nesting solutions to a better night's rest

There are at least 350 happy and rested parents in the northwest Kansas area getting a better night’s sleep because their babies are also sleeping better. How do I know this? Well, because Nesting has sold OVER 350 swaddles, sound machines, sleeping balms and essential oils, blankets and other sleep solutions in the past year. WOW!!! We’re so happy that our Nesting customers are parenting with confidence from the knowledge, hope, and awesome products they can get at Nesting.

Equipping parents with trusted resources, products, and practical guidance to navigate their child’s first three years of life with confidence is our goal. But if you have kids, you know there’s absolutely nothing you can do with confidence if you’re exhausted to the brink of DEATH.

I know; I’ve been there. When my kiddos were babies and simultaneously in diapers, they NEVER slept through the night, and were ALWAYS wide awake at the exact moment I thought I could shut my eyes for a few minutes—I remember being so tired, I cried.

No lie.

I don’t want you to experience what that feels like. It's traumatic! Looking back, I started Nesting in order to help parents navigate this crazy life of parenting. And, one way I can do that is share some great advice and products that will help you and your baby sleep soundly through the night.

Together, super VIP shopper and Nesting socials guru Brittee Kane and I gathered this list of our best and most sought-after products to help you out! Enjoy :)

1. Sound Machines

“First, you need a quality sound machine,” says Brittnee. “Nesting has two that I really like. The one by FridaBaby doubles as an air purifier and nightlight and my daughter loves the Tranquil Turtle by Cloud B. It has a cool light-up feature that is great for sensory play during the day or as a nightlight for bedtime.”

All of the sleep experts will attest to a very well-known fact that babies are soothed by sound. White noise, heart-beat, shushing, lullabies—different types of noise benefits your babe in different ways.

The 3-in-1 Fridababy Air Purifier + Sound Machine + Nightlight has an easy to change HEPA activated carbon filter, offers white noise and two sleepy sound options, and acts as a nightlight with four color options. And, you’ll breath easy knowing it has a lifetime warranty.

The Tranquil Turtle from Cloud B has been a top selling item at Nesting since the boutique opened over five years ago. It’s a tried and true product that Brittnee and I both swear by. My family loves it so much that we have three at home—one in each of my kids’ rooms and one in my room, too! We also have a spare at Grandma’s house. When I was pregnant with my son, one of our first gifts was from my Aunt Amy. She gave us our first Tranquil Turtle, which is still in use as part of our nightly bedtime routine 8 years later.


Brittnee’s second suggestion is to invest in a high-quality, multifunctional swaddle. “You need a swaddle that will stay put all night long,” she stresses. “And, a swaddle that your baby can grow with as his or her needs change is even better.”

Our top seller for swaddles is hands-down the Zen Swaddle from Nested Bean. We have two versions in stock, the Classic option is 100% cotton and the Premier version is made with 70% bamboo rayon for softness and 30% cotton for strength.

Quickly becoming just as popular as the Zen Swaddle, we now also offer the Zen O.N.E. Convertible Swaddle with removable mesh sleeves.

“My daughter is 7 and half weeks old and 10 pounds,” says another Nesting customer, Rachel C. “After the first night using this new swaddle, it went so well for my husband when he got up to feed her he told me ‘buy ten, I don’t care, they’re worth every penny.’ LOL He’s never had such good luck getting her to eat and go back to sleep right away. She loves it because she has enough flexibility wither arms and hands she can hold the bottle … or my breast. I can leave her swaddled through feedings now! But, she’s still restricted enough that she doesn’t startle herself awake.”

We could go on and on about the wonders of all our Nested Bean products. But, we recommend you check them out for yourself either online or in the store to learn about why these products are the best of the best for solving all your sleep problems.


There’s no point in getting your baby to sleep unless you have the perfect place to lay them down. We know there’s nothing better than a good sleepy snuggle, but they really can’t stay in your arms forever!

Our Papillon Cocoon is the perfect sleep space, doubling as a lounger and a snug, soothing, womb-like bed. The Cocoon, available in two sizes: 0-9 months and 9-36 months. It is versatile and a safe place for parents to place their babies. If you’ve heard of a Dock-A-Tot, you’ll understand why this product is all the rave—but the reason I decided to carry the Papillon instead of the very popular baby docking station is because of the price. Same great product, but much friendlier on your pocket book!


Please, do not underestimate the power of smell and furthermore, the super-power of lavender essential oil!

As the gentlest and safest of all the essential oils, lavender truly is the best for so many uses. Not only can it help calm and relax you and your babies with a single whiff to ensure you get a good a night’s sleep, but it doesn’t stop there! It’s a pain reliever; can help with colic, skin rashes, cradle cap and acne; it can ease an upset stomach, fever, stuffy noses, and congestion; can help with teething troubles and ear infections; it can relieve the itchiness, swelling and irritation from a mosquito and other bug bite, scrapes and small cuts; and, SO MUCH MORE.

We cannot stress enough that your home is severely lacking if you haven’t yet invested in a good, high quality lavender essential oil from a reputable company. When looking for one, you’ll want to be sure it’s 100% pure lavender essential oil (either lavender Bulgaria or Lavandula angustifolia). Make sure it hasn’t been diluted with fillers. And, do not mistake a “fragranced oil” for an essential oil. They ARE NOT the same and may even cause harm.

Nesting has three options in stock for you. We have one single-blend Lavender Bulgaria essential oil, and two options that are mixed with other essential oils for an added punch of benefits. Check out Dream and Tranquil.

As you work through the complexities of being a parent and being new to raising babies, Brittnee wants to leave you with one parting note, “As a mother, remember that YOU know what’s best for your baby, regardless of what others are suggesting. Be sure to go with your gut.”

Thanks for letting us be a part of your healthy family and happy home,

Nesting Owner Christina Beringer

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