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The Awesomeness of Travel Tray

Hey Friends, Christina here. I'm the owner of Nesting in downtown Colby, Kansas.

Have you heard of Travel Trays? They're like a parenting/multitasking/calm-your-kids game changer. They're like the "now, why didn't I think of that," sort of invention that should have been thought up YEARS ago but only just recently came into existence. I came across these gizmos at market last October and they've been a travel MUST-HAVE in my car and in my store ever since.

Oh... I should also note that Travel Tray is NOT paying me for this blog post in any way. I'm just really excited about them and I want to share this item with every parent.

For real, Friends. You've got to get a Travel Tray.

Somewhere awhile ago I shared the story of how Travel Tray came to be. I'll look for it later and share it again if I can find it. At any rate, in a nutshell, the creation of the Travel Tray came about because of a close-call driving mishap regarding a kid in the backseat wanting a snack. You know how that goes, right? This type of story is even more exhilarating if your backseat is like mine.... and that is filled with two tots in car seats, neither getting along and both HANGRY as ever. Thankfully, the guy who invented the Travel Tray did not get into an accident, but the incident shook him up enough that he did something about it. And now, the American-made company is saving us all from close-call mishaps.

Thanks, Travel Tray.

Not only is the Travel Tray a snacking God-send for your kiddos, but it's also handy dandy in the front seat for Mom and Dad, too. Sure shootin'. The Travel Tray can be used by adults and there ain't no shame in that.

Oh, and you better be sure to grab it for your stroller the next time you're at the zoo, the park, Disney World... wherever.

Right now, Nesting has 10 colors in stock including their *LIMITED EDITION* Merlot, Navy and Violet! My personal favorite is the Merlot and I'm doing my very best not to take one home. I really don't neeeeeeeed another one but.... it's just so pretty!

You can find Travel Trays here. And, as a thank you for reading my blog post, I'm offering you an exclusive offer of 15% off your order of Travel Trays today. Limit 3 per customer. Use Promo Code: SAFETRAVELS15.

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