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FREE Sample of MilkFlow from Upspring

*Offer available while supplies last.

Stop by Nesting to try on a cup-sized nursing bra by a Certified Bra Fitter and then take home a FREE sample of MilkFlow from UpSpring! No purchase necessary.

MilkFlow is a breastfeeding supplement to promote health breast milk supply. This berry flavored herbal supplement combines the awesomeness of FENUGREEK and BLESSED THISTLE to help you get through your nursing woes. It is super concentrated with a powerhouse of galactagogues including 1,800 mg of Fenugreek per packet. Mix it with tap water, sparkling water, or juice; jazz it up with a garnishment; and, serve it up in a fancy glass. You deserve to be pampered!

Nesting would like to send out some serious love to UpSpring for sponsoring this in-store promotion and collaboration with our amazing line of nursing bras from Cake Maternity, Royce Lingerie and Bamboobies. Nesting houses the ONLY Certified Bra Fitter in the area; and we're the ONLY independent boutique from Denver to Wichita that carries cup sized nursing bras. We've got sizes in stock now from 30B to 42I-- and all of the odd sizes from here to there, too!

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