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Best Nursing Bra For Your Stage of Pregnancy

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

Truffles by Cake Maternity

There are lots of different body types, different daily activities and different fashion preferences for all women. It all depends on all of these factors, as to what the best nursing bra is for you. At Nesting, we carry wire-free nursing bras from Royce Lingerie and an even larger inventory of sizes and styles from Cake Maternity. Nesting in Colby, Kansas, has the the largest range of styles of nursing bras in stock in western Kansas and the tri-state area. With the only Certified Bra Fitter on staff in the area, Nesting is your only in-person source to get fitted correctly. We have in stock sizes ranging from 30B to 42I (as of the date of publishing.)

Here are our recommended Cake Maternity bras for every stage of pregnancy:

Information from this blog post came from Cake Maternity.

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