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Nursing Bra Fit Event at Nesting

Updated: Oct 13, 2018

Your best nursing bra fit is just inches away! Schedule your exclusive appointment today!

With cup-sized nursing bras in stock from 30B to 42I, we are confident in our ability to find you the perfect nursing bra so you can comfortably get through the rest of your pregnancy and breastfeeding journey.

Do you still have appointments available?

Scroll to the bottom to find out. We'll try to update this schedule regularly as appointments start to fill up.

Why do I need to schedule an appointment?

Simply put, space is limited and we can only accommodate two fittings at a time. So, we recommend scheduling an appointment if you'd like a guaranteed consultation with our bra fitter. In addition, we are putting together eight really great swag bags filled with free gifts for each of the eight appointment times filled.

Walk-ins are welcome. And please remember, you don't need to schedule an appointment if you don't want a bra fitting. You can simply stop by to shop our exclusive discounts and take advantage of our extended hours and refreshments.

Does Nesting sell regular bras? You know, ones that aren't nursing bras?


Firstly, I'd like to remind you that a woman who is not nursing or pregnant can wear a nursing bra. I know the idea is weird, but if you find a bra that is comfortable, supportive and fits well then who cares if there are little clips on the straps-- right?! You wouldn't be the first non-nurser we've sold bras to and you certainly won't be the last. We are excited to help every woman find a quality bra that fits.

That being said, we definitely can special order non-nursing bras just for you. Please feel free to call, email or send us a private Facebook message to learn more. Scroll to the bottom for contact information.

Do I have to schedule an appointment to shop at the event?

No! You don't need to schedule an appointment if you'd simply like to stop by and shop at Nesting. We'll be open extended hours and we'll have exclusive discounts throughout the entire store that you should definitely take advantage of!

Walk-ins are welcome and we'll be happy to squeeze you into a dressing room if time allows. However, a consultation with our Certified Bra Fitter cannot be guaranteed.

Is this a kid-friendly event?

Please leave your kiddos at home tonight. Thank you for your understanding!

Can I bring my spouse or a friend?

Of course! However, please remember that if your co-shopper wants in on a Swag Bag and guaranteed time with our Certified Bra Fitter then we'll need to add their appointment to our schedule. Otherwise, they are absolutely welcome to hang out and shop.

What kinds of discounts and perks can I expect?

  • Receive a Swag Bag of awesome gifts by scheduling a bra fitting appointment. Remember that space is limited, so act quickly.

  • You'll receive an additional gift with every bra purchased at full retail price.

  • As always, receive a free sample after spending $30.

  • Spend $100 to take advantage of our basket of exclusive discounts. Every item in the basket will be 50% off. Limit 3 items per $100 spent.

  • We'll be giving double punches on your Customer Loyalty Cards!

  • Throughout the entire day, we'll have discounted items throughout the entire store. Some of our mark-downs will include: select bras, panties, nursing gear and lactation supplies, pregnancy and postpartum care undergarments, nursing covers, select feeding supplies, plates and bowls, pacifier clips, car seat handle cushions, and more!

How do I schedule my appointment?

You can drop by and make your appointment in person during our normal business hours, call us at (785) 460-6378, send us a private Facebook message, or email us at

Thursday, October 25 | 5 - 8 p.m.

5:00 PM

1. Shellie S.

2. Mindy K.

5:45 PM

3. Toni B.

4. Lizzy N.

6:30 PM



7:15 PM



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