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Tea Time with Earth Mama Organics | Comforting Hot Apple Cider

Updated: May 16, 2018

100% Organic Periodic Tea formerly known as Monthly Comfort Tea


We women periodically power through a whole lot of blood, sweat and tears. This tea gives back on all the P days: period, postpartum and even pre-menopause. It’s a comforting cinnamon-delicious blend of organic herbs traditionally used for postpartum support and to help ease symptoms of PMS and premenstrual cramping. Sip it, ...and then go forth and rest!

This recipe can be found on Earth Mama Organics' Blog. See the full post here.

Earth Mama's Periodic Tea is a Nesting favorite all year round! We like it served hot with a few Red Hot Candies stirred in during the cold winter and fall months. Then in the summer, try it cold and drizzle a healthy amount of caramel around the inside of your glass! All of your girlfriends and family-folk will love you for introducing them to this delicious and good-for-you tea.

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