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Tea Time with Earth Mama Organics | Mama's Ginger Mint Mock-TEA-Ni

Pregnancy nausea isn’t so special, and really... most women we know could do without it. What's even more awful is when you get invited to a fancy party or New Year's celebration sporting a full bump while all your friends are partying like it's 1999.


Fret no more. Nesting is here to help! Just because you can't partake in whatever the crowd is chugging, doesn't mean you can't have fun drink, as well. Find yourself a tall martini glass and brew up this ah-maz-ing mocktini. And Girl, go all out! We also suggest a garnish of lemon or candied ginger. And, if ginger isn't your favorite flavor, don't be afraid to add some extra cranberry juice-- your post-baby body is prone to UTIs and cranberry juice is great for prevention.

This recipe can be found on Earth Mama Organics' Blog. See the full post here.

Morning Wellness Tea is Nesting's favorite treatment for pregnancy nausea. However, your less pregnant friends will love you for it, too! ...and your husband, and your kids, and your kids' teachers, and everyone else, especially during stomach flu season. Nesting recommends a cup to help with any kind of nausea or upset stomach. Brew up a pot during flu season and carry a bag in your purse for traveling.

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