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Nursing Bras: FAQs

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

Information for this blog post came from Cake Maternity.

1. When should I fit & buy a nursing bra

At approx. 8 months of pregnancy

2. What are the common fit issues to avoid

• Back band is too tight or too loose

• Straps are loose (slipping off the shoulder) or too tight (cutting in)

• Cups are small (restricting the breast tissue) or too big (gaping)

3. How can I tell if my nursing bra is fitted correctly

The back band will sit horizontally across the back and not ride up. It should fit firm but not too tight.

Your breasts should be fully incased in the bra cups. The breasts should not be spilling out the top, sides or bottom of the cups, nor should there be any wrinkling in the fabric.

The bra cups should be smooth and the wire should sit neatly under and around the breasts. Most importantly the bra should feel comfortable.

4. How many nursing bras do I need

It is advisable to have at least 3 nursing bras. One to wear, one in the wash and one in the drawer.

5. What's the best nursing bra for me?

This depending on your lifestyle choice & your personal preference.

Seamless bras are an ideal sleep bra or transitional bra. They will provide comfort and stretch for a growing or fluctuating breast.

Contour bras are ideal for women who wear a lot of T-shirts and want a bra that will provide a smooth profile from under clothing.

Sports bras are designed specifically for exercise. They contain more support structures to support breasts during high to low impact exercise.

Non-wire bras are ideal for women who are after a structured comfortable fit.

Flexible wired bras are ideal for women who are looking for great shape and the extra lift.

Learn more about the best bra for your stage of pregnancy.

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